Technical details

INT doors provide a wide choice of wood types including Spruce, Larch, Oak, Thermo Ash and Cedar. Natural wood appearance is preserved with our water-based, colorless two-component primer/intermediate coating designed specifically for front doors.
PROTOR 2 K provides exceptional protection against weathering and UV radiation, ensuring the overall composition maintains a high level of durability and resistance.


Push handles

Explore our selection of door handles, including stainless steel, PVD-coated matte black, and wooden options. Whether you prefer a modern, stylish, or traditional look, we have the perfect handles to match your doors. You can also customize your handles for a personalized touch.stainless steel door handles

Stainless steel handle
Black handle
Wooden handle

Fingerprint entry

Simply open the door with your finger – no need for a key, code or or card. Fingerprint entry require a motorised lock and wiring.

E-key dLine fingerprint scanner for door leaf
ekey dLine fingerprint scanner for door handle

Concealed hinges

Your entrance is defined by a single continuous line. The hinges are concealed between the door frame and the leaf.

Sidelight options

Are you in the process of designing a contemporary house? Our frameless minimalistic sidelites can make a striking statement and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Sidelight STV 10
Invisible frame outside
Sidelight STV 20
Glass flush to the door
Sidelight ST 100

Any RAL- painted colour

Doors can be painte in any RAL or NCS colour. We also offer the option for two-tone doors: a natural warm wood finish on the inside and the ability to choose a different color for the exterior. This allows you to achieve a harmonious blend of the inviting wood tones on the inside and a contrasting color of your choice on the outside.

Door core structure

We specialise in manufacturing energy-efficient and passive entrance doors. Our selection includes the following door cores - 78, 78B, 88, 98, 108 B - allowing you to choose the most suitable profile for your home. The passive entrance doors showcase an impressive U-value of UD = 0.62 W/m2K

Thermal insulation

Up to 108 mm

0.62 W/m2K
Door with glazing
0.69 W/m2K
Door with sidelite
0.67 W/m2K

The importance of Overhang

We recommend protecting wooden doors by providing them with a porch or even a small overhang. A front door canopy offers protection shelter from rain and sun. It reduces the need for door maintenance. Additionally, canopies can serve as a design feature, available in various materials and styles.